There are many relational hierarchy services available through the Internet and the cloud with the goal of building family trees. The Internet and the cloud computing have done a remarkable job of bringing people together.

Conversations among family members may be protected under statutes and other laws around the world, and this is one of the reasons established the first "Family Network Media". Because of the aforementioned protection, no employer or other organization may ask the user to show or share  his/her conversation with loved ones, which normally happens with social media. Furthermore, relatives that have passed to the eternity, do have plenty story to tell even after their passing. That is why allows users to bring their loved ones memories back to life, allowing family members to capture, contribute and cherish moments that users may not know even existed. That is not done in social media, since profiles are canceled once their loved ones passed away. At, a user is  a member of the family, not just only a profile.

There is plenty information of users and their families in public domains and will build searches to bring that information to users free of charge as further releases of its system should be expected, along with other services never seen before.


To start at the minimum, what you need is the following:


1. First Name

2. Middle Name (if you have one)

3. Third Given Name (if you have one)

4. Last Name

5. Mother Maiden Last Name

6. Birth Date

7. City of Birth

8. Region or State of Birth

10. Country of Birth


to link to your family tree you will need:


1. Your Father or Parent email (father or parent must have a profile)

2. Your Mother or Parent email (mother or parent must have a profile)


Note: If parents, grandparents, great-grandparents… are not alive, allows you to create a profile as long as you do have legal rights to do so under the statutory laws in your jurisdiction regarding family inheritance laws or any other regulation that may give you such rights. Please check with your relative and nominate an administrator for their profiles. Regarding their emails, use your email and concatenate a unique identifier for each one of them, like (if your email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., use something like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and as the administrator, you will receive the information, notification and correspondence for their profile at your mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please check with your email provider as not all of them have these features. We know that hotmail and gmail offer these features but is not certain about other email service providers. If you do not link yourself to your parents, you will become the root of the family. If they are not linked to their parents, they become the root of the family.


Your profile and their profiles are private and they can only be seen by your relatives if you allow them to see them with your approval only and they are part of your family tree. If the individual is not in your family tree, that profile is restricted and not available for you to browse.


Comofamilia it is designed to expand hundreds of years of generations back and forward and you just have to worry about your profile and the ones you could be administering the system does the rest. It does build automatically two family trees for your, one for each parental root, one for your paternal root or parent-one and the other for your maternal root or parent-two. Your family tree is so unique that it may not be identical to any of your siblings and relatives. This concept was pioneered by 


Once you join and create your profile, just invite your relatives. In the case of your siblings just provide them with the emails of your parents and in the case of your uncles and aunts, the emails of grandparents in your maternal and paternal side. Comofamilia will build your trees and their without any of their intervention with the information all of you provided. The same works for your spouses if any. Their family tree will be built within the same concept. Regarding your children, it will work the same as they would link to your profiles (yours and spouse, if any) by using your email.


The Comofamilia concept is so unique that will allow family members to forum, chat, global location positioning of all family members (even if they are no longer alive) in a map with direct access to the authorized profiles, unlimited video conferencing for all relatives is one session, family group walls, pictures galleries accessible to family, video archive galleries for memorable moments, each family member has personal walls that can be written by you and contribute by family members and much more.


To further understand this concept, it is necessary to briefly review the ties that define family structures, such as traditional and modern. The continued changes in our societies have redefined the terms and structure of traditional families. The traditional family law concept of building and depicting family and hierarchy trees based on ancestry, does not help the modern families anymore. Modern families are now composed of members that are not only bound by consanguinity. Many jurisdictions have enacted various statutory mandates redefining the traditional, nuclear and extended family. Those relations are now inclusive of civil unions, same sex civil unions, surrogate family relationships, foster parenting, adoption parenting, affinity law and fictive kinship relationships. Modern families do not have the methodology to concatenate, trace and depict their hierarchies as they change through the passage of time, human evolution, social interaction and statutory changes.


Comofamilia is a place like no other, in which consanguineous, affinity and fictive kinship relationships can be concatenated, visualized, interacted and memorialized. This concept is based on nuclear, extended, single parent and other types of families and relationships that are part of the core. Furthermore, it has the versatility that in a matter of seconds, every individual that is part of that nucleus only, can visualize his/her paternal and maternal family trees and albums of one or both parents that conforms traditional family and the modern family, to visualize both parents or single-parent family trees.




Both parental trees for each family side can be automatically generated in a matter of seconds, without having to make an effort since it uses algorithms and logarithms to draw the family trees. Every individual is responsible for their profile and the profile of a his/her relative who has passed and is under their guardianship. Unlike other places and social media, the information belongs to individuals and their family, observing the legal concept of inheritances, which applies to this site if the information posted is from a deceased individual.



"On a personal note, my paternal grandfather passed away over 60 years ago. I never met him but I knew of him. He had six spouses and fathered 22 children with them, my father being one of them. In the year of 2007, I visited and spoke to my father for the first time in 47 years. We spoke in regards to my paternal grandmother, as a similar situation occurred and I did not get the opportunity to interact with her. He told me about our extended family, but during the first few hours of the conversation I lost track of who was who and from whom he and my grandparents were descendant from. My father stored all this information in his mind and I was trying in every way to obtain and document that knowledge. His words were 'As a family that we were, as a family that we are, and as a family that we will always be' That inspired me to create and work for over a decade on this project. During this process I discovered that I could apply the concept to my paternal family tree, and I could do the same to my maternal family tree. This has not been seen nor depicted as such on any other place, which mostly deal with consanguineous family trees using anthropological and ethnographic concepts of family root, mostly based on paternal evolution, not both." - Elias Ciudad


This methodology not only expands the creation and maintenance of family trees, but also creates the first place for family network media and archive environment in the Cyber World. It expands the ability for socialization, in which the nuclear family meets with many of its members belonging to the extended, affinity, consanguineous or fictive kinship hierarchy, to congregate among them. It offers unlimited video conferences that could bring together a large family nucleus in a single conference session.


Join and begin exploring Comofamilia’s unique and amazing services.